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Below is an assortment of drawing samples of my work as a Landscape Architect and Landscape Designer. Please scroll down and click to see the drawings enlarged. Some projects have been created from AutoCAD and other software, while others have been hand drawn. All files are uploaded as JPEG’s, some resolution may be lost. Be sure to click on the about/contact and page links to see all samples and more information.

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Site planning, design and layout is of most interest to me: The first few drawings below are from non-profit projects involving site planning. I worked on the preliminary site design stages. The first is a school yard design in another country. I enjoyed working on projects that will help develop the educational environments of children.

same design input to sketchup  below

(updated august 2010) The above drawing is a primary school site plan and building layout in Ethiopia. The project was pending on acquiring the property for their local school children. Now that they have the property, they needed a site plan for funding purposes, albeit a bit elaborate right now. In this area, after getting water wells recently built by an international organization, they will concentrate on educating their children.The design is centered around a playground. The budget is limited, therefore the buildings, parking and facilities are minimum. There will be updates to the plan as necessary, defining materials and vegetation.


the draft sketch above, to the design drawing below:

to the AutoCad plan below this:

The drawing above is an imaginative master site plan design for a non-profit called “Action School”. I designed the plan according to the program and square footage for the buildings. It has changed as the plan got more developed and refined. This is an “amusement park” for educating children, originally in South Carolina. UPDATE: the site has moved to Wash DC, therefore the design is not usable a t this point! except as reference…  (all on AutoCAD)..

some THUMBNAIL SKETCHES below (visually brainstorming ideas via thumbnails are important steps for me).

quick color detail sketch and pen thumbnail

an experiment/design thumbnail of a community “strolling track” for elderly.

studies for the same above

and SketchUp:

SketchUp drawings

And continuing to other drawings, past and present:

wp_irbyplan-layout1_11x17_colorsmall garden in SF drafted in AutoCAD / color in Photoshop.

Garden sketch design / prior to CAD draftingsame San Francisco garden as pencil sketch / prior to inputting into CAD.

San Francisco Garden Design with eleveationSan Francisco garden design plan with elevation / pencil

Corporate Land Plan Preliminary / Atlanta, GA.Corporate Land Plan Study / old-school marker / Atlanta, GA.


Small area design using ink sketch on 8.5″ x 11″ trace paper with color added later

l-191amenity area construction details / pen on vellum


wp_wilkins-_fenceelev11Residential fence elevations drafted in AutoCAD.

an “urban-esque” illustrative hardscape & planting design / AutoCAD/ Photoshop.

enlarge-_entry_corridor_plantplanB/W enlargement at focal point / AutoCAD

sculpture39x48Wall sculpture designed using Autodesk VIZ… Took a class in VIZ, however dont use the program at this point.

…some HAND DRAFTING samples below (hard line and soft sketching):

San Francisco garden plan design with plant list.

wp_sf_singergardengarden plan in San Francisco / pencil.

Above an in-progress, quick hand-draft sketch for developing design ideas on 8 x 11 paper.. ballpoint pen.

an example of a quick pencil sketch technique – trellis elevation.

wp_riordanplanting1a corner planting scheme / monotone with shadows.. a typical hand technique in pencil can be very nice for presentation or planting plan.

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(misc drawings and experiments with sketch-up, planting details)